Social Media Network

  • About SOMENET
    • SOMENET Vietnam - the Social Media Network of Vietnam is a network of major "Social Influencers" in across social media platforms of Vietnam (e.g. Facebook, Forums).
    • SOMNET is curently the largest Social Media Network in Vietnam reaching more than 16 million fans
    • The Network is being run on our CPA System (Cross Platforms (Data) Analyzing System) which consolidates "conversation" in across platform and process them into meaningful report.
      With CPA System, at One - Stop, our Clients can review detailed "conversation" happens in all Social Media Platform, as well as
  • Our services
    Based upon SOMENET, we provide the following services:
    Sponsored conversation:
    We identify the influencers with a connection to your brand; and make them a brand ambassador by having them become part of your engagement campaigns. Measure your results in a detailed report.
    Social video advertising:
    We get your video viral views by distributing them through our network of social publishers. Propel your content into the heart of social media, Facebook and onto YouTube.
  • Our Process
    • Social Communication Assessment
    • Goal Setting
    • Digital Market Research
    • Social Strategy Development
    • Social Planning Documentation
    • Content Research & Planning
    • Create Brand Identity
    • Initial Content & Media Development
    • Build Audiences & Networks
    • Manage Accounts
    • Ongoing Content Generation
    • Engage in Conversation
    • Drive Traffic
    • Brand Monitoring
    • Reporting
    • Rethinking Approach
  • Our technology
    The Social Network is being supported by our CPA System (Cross Platforms (Data Capture) & Analyzing System) which is developed with the following advantages:
    Social conversation in across platforms (i.e. facebook, forums) are consolidated into one stop for analyzed.
    Social conversations are analyzed and evaluated by automating system and human hence are more accurately evaluated.
    Clients can easily refer to the "source" social conversation for more in-depth understanding.
    Monitoring Report is generated "real time" which client can access anytime using password to the system.
Contact us: for any further information about our service or our cost, please contact us here.