About Us

  • Introduction

    Cyber Media was established in the year 2006 and operates in 02 areas of:

    • Digital Marketing Services: we have 03 core lines of business
      • Digital Activation & Production
      • Ad Network
      • Social Media Network
    • Digital Commerce
  • Our Digital Marketing Services
    In Digital Marketing Services, we have 03 core lines of business:

    Digital Activation & Production

    “Digital Activation” is the branding activity (brand activation) on digital platform.

    NIO Ads (Ad Network)

    (Network of Interactive Online Advertisements)
    is our Ad Network service.

    Somenet (Social Media Network)

    The Social Media Network of Vietnam is a network of major "Social Influencers" in across social media platforms of Vietnam (e.g. Facebook, Forums).

  • Our key differentiation
    • Years of experience, serving multinational clients such as:
    • Supporting by our own websites, Ad Network, Facebook Fan Pages & skills in SEM - SEO, we can provide to our clients very effective solutions for traffic building.
    • Able to provide package solution to clients: from concept, to production, to traffic building & management.